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Posted on
6 Nov 2015

About Us

The Screen Shop – Your source for beautiful indoor decorative and privacy screens

The Screen Shop was established within Brunswick, Victoria, in July 2010. We offer a range of privacy screens and room dividers, with an incredible array of colours, patterns and sizes to choose from. Our products decorate as well as add privacy to a room, whether in the home or office. Divider screens can help you fully maximise the space within a room, dividing it into different sections for different purposes. At the same time, our screens also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your indoor area.

The Many Uses of Room Divider Screens

The Screen Shop has supplied room divider screens for home use as well as to a variety of businesses, including doctors, hairdressers, masseurs, offices, waxing salons, restaurants, cafés, clothing stores and theatre groups. Screen wall dividers are perfect to separate an area or hide that cleaning supplies cupboard, and can alternatively function as a privacy screen, for example when actors need to change in or out of costume. We carry a comprehensive range of designs and colours to suit any decor, as well as a range of sizes to suit any space, large or small – from single panels through to 3 and 4 panel dividers.

3 Panel Dividers

These products are perfect when you need a mid-sized divider screen. 3 panels give these dividers a much larger reach, making it possible to completely partition a room or cordon off a section of it for a specific purpose.

We stock a comprehensive range of styles, colours and materials, ensuring that whatever your room divider or indoor privacy screen needs may entail, you can find something to suit. From panels made of woven rushes and carved wood to wrought iron and mirrored glass, we have an option for every design preference and price point.

4 Panel Dividers

The 4 Panel dividers are our largest size, perfect for serious room-division duty. These can provide a partition between two rooms in an open-plan design, or alternatively offer privacy for changing in retail, medical or beauty settings. We offer a variety of options, from the simple and practical Shoji model to the more solid and ornate carved timber wall divider – perfect for customers who want a luxurious look.

Japanese Screens

In traditional Japanese architecture, though the kitchen, bathroom and toilet have an obvious designated use, the rest of the rooms do not. Instead, the remaining areas are customised with the use of portable furniture and room divider screens. This also allows space to be expanded whenever there is a need, for example when entertaining guests.

At The Screen Shop, we offer a range of Japanese screens that pay homage to these cultural origins. These are available in two separate ranges: Shogun, named for this key period in history; and Shoji, which refers to the design of internal sliding doors in traditional Japanese architecture. Shoji doors are comprised of a grid lattice of wood, which is held together by translucent fabric.

Our Japanese screens perfectly capture the beautiful simplicity of this country’s architecture and design, and provide a beautiful look that is at once timeless and modern.